"Five of Cups"

Art and spirit definitely came together when I did a dance and music piece with musician Jimi Durso that we decided to title “Five of Cups”, which corresponds to the title of a song on Jimi’s band Coincidence Machine’s album “Decimation of the Monarch”. The music he created for this performance was reminiscent of that song.

Although we didn’t plan too much here, there was a basic framework we had in mind, such as costume, setting, shadow play through movement and the music Jimi played.

I once asked Jimi why the titles of his songs were the names of tarot cards and he said he knew nothing of tarot, but liked the sound of the names of the cards. The numbers, such as “Five of Cups”, did, however, correspond to the tempo he was playing. Interesting that he wrote these songs years before we met, and that I have been reading tarot cards and oracle cards since I was a teenager. Coincidence?

We enjoy our collaborations.

"Cosmic Shadow" Dance+Music Performance

Here's a small portion of my performance with Jimi Durso at KrazFest last week. I've been having some health issues, so dancing with "the buddies" made it easier. Actually, I'm not sure I could have done a dance performance without them. They kind of held me up as I found the authentic movement of the story that wanted to emerge. I created "the buddies" years ago as props for performances. To me, they symbolize death and the ancestors. With what I'm experiencing now with my health, I need to dance with that, in a healthy way. It fits my spiritual beliefs and it's felt cathartic to embrace the idea of dancing with mortality. That day and the day before, when Jimi and I rehearsed, it felt good to move, and because of my physical "limitations", I found a way to move that I wouldn't have found otherwise. It was a gift through the challenge. In that way, my limitations became a strength. I don't call myself a dancer, but an artist who dances. I love movement, have taught butoh and slow movement and find it to be very healing. Movement is good medicine. Thanks to Jimi for being an amazingly beautiful part of my life and also a wonderful creative collaborator. I love how we are together. Thanks to Paul Lipsky of LIVP for this video.