Art, music, and spirit are things that tapped me into life, joy, and my truest self at a very young age, whether it was playing a portable child’s organ, learning to paint with oils at eight years old, or reading about the supernatural and the afterlife. Every bit of it were strands that became woven into the fabric that has become my life. For years painting was my primary form of expression. Atmospheric worlds, fantasy lands and figures emerged in indescribable colors that evolved into their own unique rainbow that has become my palette. I do art for myself but when it touches others, that is the completion of the cycle of communication between the artist and the one experiencing the art. This is also true for the other forms of creative expression I enjoy, including writing, photography, video, dance, and music. Poetry comes and sometimes the poems become lyrics to songs I now write with my bass guitar. My spiritual life is rich and deeply rewarding, as I practice shamanism and do my best to walk in balance and appreciate all the life around me, above and below me. I do my best to be a loving presence in the world, despite my human flaws. Being creative is a way of life. Being spiritually aware and awake is a way of life. Through my various pursuits, stories come and many of them have a healing quality. I have come to believe that the more personal the story is, the more universal it is, so I’m not afraid to dive deep within to allow whatever wants to emerge through whatever it is that I’m doing. Depth and beauty are things I require and the place where the magic can be found is when we follow the whistling songbird inside and go flying on its wings through the gloaming and other 'tween times. The ‘tween times hold big magic. I've kept my child self alive and well and will always hear her call, for she holds the keys to all that is possible.