I started painting when I was about eight years old. My parents had a paint box filled with oil paints they were no longer using, so I asked if they could teach me and I've been painting ever since. In the beginning I pored through an early edition of Janson's History of Art along with Leonardo's notebooks, copied the masters and took life drawing classes at a local college as a high school student. Gradually my own style developed. Atmospheric worlds, fantasy lands and figures emerged in indescribable colors that evolved into their own unique rainbow that has become my palette. I paint for myself but when it touches others, that is the completion of the cycle of communication between artist and viewer. This is also true for the other forms of creative expression I have explored over the years, including photography, video, dance and music. Through these various art forms I tell stories and have come to believe that the more personal the story is, the more universal it is. Depth and beauty are things I seem to require in life and in art, and the place where the magic can be found is when we follow the whistling songbird inside and go flying on its wings through the gloaming and other 'tween times. I've kept my child self alive and well and will never let her die, for she holds the keys to all that is possible.