Hello there...

I am an artist and a shamanic practitioner. I love people, animals, nature and life. I also sing, play percussion and do butoh dance. This website is all about my creative works and my spirituality, which intertwine and are the foundation for my way of life. At a very young age, art and spirituality were at the forefront of my awareness. My introduction to oil painting was when I was eight years old. I quickly fell in love with the medium and have been painting ever since, and still use the same paint box. As a child I developed an ever-present sense of the spiritual that helped shape the person I am today. As the years have passed I have come to understand that the different ways I express myself creatively are inseparable from my spiritual practice. When I paint, it is channeled. When I dance, stories come and are told through movement. Often I did not know the story was there until the painting or the dance came. When I sing, it is for enjoyment and is also a form of prayer. Song is also used in my shamanic work. I've been told that my art, dance and singing are uplifting and that what I do helps others to feel what is most essential - love. It is my intention to make a positive difference in the world around me by awakening people's hearts and allowing for a shift that opens the way for healing to take place. It has come to my awareness that my worldview is an indigenous one, and that informs all that I do. Aside from the vision of healing, balance and wholeness that I hold for my human brothers and sisters, I hold it for every other species on our mother earth, as well as the earth itself. I hold the vision for a world that is peaceful, one that is inclusive, one where everyone is fed, clothed, housed and has access to paths toward wellness. I envision a world where we honor the earth and all of life on it, where we take care of our forests, our rivers and oceans, the animals and each other. Love is key. Respect is key. Gratitude is key. 

Please enjoy your visit here as you meander through my site. After you leave, may you continue to peacefully, lovingly and beautifully meander through your day, your night and your life.

With Peace, Love and Blessings to All,