Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice in the world. For a detailed explanation of what shamanism is, please see Sacred Hoop Magazine. Thanks to Nicholas Breeze Wood who created this free issue for people to share worldwide:



Shamanic drumming done steadily at a particular beat per second induces a meditative state that is very healing to those who hear it. Song also comes through me while drumming, both high-pitched channeled spirit songs, and throat singing. These “spirit songs” are part of the shamanic paths that have called me, which are Norse and Siberian. Each song has its own purpose and power. I am happy to provide drumming and song for groups who welcome this sacred experience. Please contact me at: bellspirit@gmail.com.


For over thirty years I've been doing tarot and oracle card readings. My work as a channel and medium began around that time as well. I enjoy providing card readings for those who are seeking spiritual guidance in any area of their lives. Please see my Intuitive Readings Page for available readings and rates: http://www.robynbellospirito.com/intuitivereadings


With the help of my spirits, I offer Blessing Ceremonies as guided, for those who request it. I also lead Prayer Circles to send out peace, love, healing, and blessings to those in our world who are in need, and to our Mother Earth herself. If you would like me to lead a Blessing Ceremony or a Prayer Circle for you or your group, please contact me at: bellspirit@gmail.com.


I lead shamanic Journey Circles for those who are already practiced in doing shamanic journeying. I also teach workshops to help others learn to do shamanic journeying so that they can incorporate this practice into their lives and participate in journey circles. I teach this mainly in groups, but am also willing to teach shamanic journeying in private sessions. Please contact me at: bellspirit@gmail.com.


I create personalized power objects for those who request them. These can include paintings, hand-painted drums (client provides the drum), spirit dolls, jewelry, staves, and other objects. My work is done with love and I will only create objects for those who have an intention to use them in a sacred way, with love and for healing. Each power object is one-of-a-kind and unique to the person for whom it is made. When creating a power object, I work in sacred space and first do a shamanic journey to ask what the object needs to look like and what materials are required before I begin. Often the person's ancestors or other helping spirits will show me what to make in a journey and I am always guided by Spirit until the work is done. At the end of the process, the object receives a blessing before presenting it to the person for whom it was created. To request a power object, please contact me at: bellspirit@gmail.com.





Code of Ethics

I adhere to the Code of Ethics and Principles of Integrity as outlined by the Society for Shamanic Practice.