Photograph by Mark Strodl 2016

Photograph by Mark Strodl 2016

My shamanic path...

In 2007 a close friend told me that I had to meet a lady she knew because, as she put it, the lady did what I do. "What do I do?" I asked, curiously and with a giggle. My friend couldn't explain (aside from witnessing birds come to me and other unusual "magical" things when I was around) , so she told me to just meet her. The lady was a healer and I was in need of healing, so I scheduled a session with her, expecting that I would receive energy healing while she did all the work. That was far from what ended up happening. As soon as the session began, I started "seeing" things. I "saw" animals all around me from the different directions. I heard things. I felt the cold wind blow from the north. I went places with my eyes closed. She referred me to another healer who I worked with over the phone. They were shamanic practitioners who told me that I had "wounded healer" energy. I didn't quite understand at first, but eventually it all began to make sense. 

I had an active spiritual life since I was a child, but my path became clear when I found shamanism in 2007 when it literally came knocking on my door. For years I had done channeling, automatic writing, card readings (some without the need for cards), psychometry, communicated with animals and trees, worked with staffs, found things for people by having a vision about it when they asked me where it was, seen orbs of light and faint figures come to me the night before I learned that a friend or family member passed away. Things like that. But these were just some of the tools that would be required for my truest path and there was much more I was being called to learn and do.

As I continued working with the shamanic practitioners I met in 2007, they did healing for me and also began to teach me. I began journeying regularly and did private rituals that were spontaneous and guided by spirit, providing me with deep insights and teachings. As I healed and learned and began my own daily practice, the physical world around me opened up. With each big shift that happened within me, a big shift would also happen in my life. It was not something I would have believed unless I experienced it for myself. It was humbling and fascinating. As I continued following the guidance of spirit, the two paths that called me were the Norse and Siberian. Although I have had mentors on these paths, the spirits are now my teachers. A more detailed story of my initiation into shamanism can be found in an article I wrote for Issue #94 of Sacred Hoop Magazine.  

After years of deep work, healing, study and daily practice which will be ongoing for the rest of my life, I am now a shamanic practitioner. I currently lead journey circles, prayer circles, teach shamanic journeying and facilitate healing for others, including our mother earth.  

Peace, Love and Blessings to All!