Dear friends,
It has been my dream to have an art studio where I can paint, sell my art, teach, hold studio visits and work toward supporting myself doing what I love. It is particularly important for me to focus on my art now, with the health issues that I face.  Since being recently diagnosed with Lyme, art is something I can do even when I'm not feeling very well. In order to see my doctor I have to take trips to Connecticut and am also on a strict regimen of having to take supplements that are not covered by my insurance. With these circumstances, it has been crucial for me to reach out and ask for help. All of the donations to my Art & Healing Fund go directly toward my art studio so I can keep working, and also help me to afford to see my doctor and the treatment for the Lyme. I sincerely appreciate any amount that is donated and hope to give back in some way, one day when I am through this health crisis. I thank you from my heart for reading this, and thank you in advance to those who choose to support me and my work. 
With much gratitude,