has been an incredibly important part of my life since I was very young. Although I do not consider myself a musician, I've always been able to pick up certain instruments and play them enough to enjoy them, find melodies and beats, and jam with others. 

In 2012 during a health crisis when it was difficult for me to paint or dance, I wondered what I could do creatively to express myself. One night I happened to go to the local UU where the choir was rehearsing that evening. I had always wanted to sing but never thought I could. Nevertheless, something in me had to ask about joining. The Choir Director handed me a piece of sheet music and asked me to sing the melody. I didn't know how to read music at the time (I'm still learning), so he played the melody for me on the piano and I sang it. That night I joined the choir in rehearsal in the soprano section and sang with the choir at the service the following Sunday. That is when I found my voice. 

Song began coming through me more often, especially in my spiritual work. High pitched singing came, as if channeled, particularly if I was out in nature. The songs are similar to Scandinavian "kulning" or "joiking". At one point during a period of grief, I was guided into doing a deep kind of throat singing, or as it is called by some "khoomei," as part of my spiritual practice and as a form of prayer. 

By the Spring of 2017, songs and melodies were coming more frequently and spontaneously. Sometimes if I wanted to remember the melody, I would record it on my small digital recorder. A friend who knows how much music and singing means to me sent me the gift of some basic recording equipment, which remained in its packaging in boxes for months until I was ready. I am now making recordings and hope to share my love, joy and spirit with others through sound and song. 

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