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The Art of Robyn Bellospirito

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Robyn Bellospirito - Visual Art

Welcome to my online art gallery! :)
My most recent work is at the top of the page. Most of them are oil on canvas or masonite unless otherwise noted. Please click on thumbnails to view a larger image. Some of the older images do not have larger images to view.
Thank you for taking the time to view my art, and I hope you enjoy your visit! :)
IMPORTANT: All images are Copyrighted by me, Robyn Bellospirito 2014, All Rights Reserved, and may not be used or reproduced in any way without my written permission.


"The Firekeeper"

"The Queen of Trees"

"Moon Weaver"

"Moon Glow: Pathway to the Temple of Isis"

"Shadow Palace"



"Ode to Mike Krasowitz"


"Cosmic Juggler"


"Chamber of Goodbyes"


"Symphony at Midnight"

"The Rain Bride"





"To the Music"
Click HERE to watch me paint this!






"Broken Open: Woman Born"





"The Red Place"


"Is This My Tower"


"Hard Start"


"Chamber of Grace" (9-minute painting at live painting show). Click HERE.



"Rain Over Circus World"


"The Memory of Melody"


"Lone Horse"


"Building the Temple"


"The Sun Inside"



"Flicker the Fire Queen"


"The View From Inside My House"


"Mending Heart"


"Popsicles and Fireworks"


"Beach Horizon"



"Above the Surface"



"The Dreaming Queen"

"Angels Rising"



"The Queen's Fire"

"The Garden in the Rose"
"The Roaming Night Queen"

"Sunrise Queen"
"The Apple Queen"



"Oceana" (painted guitar)

"Warrior Queen" 

"Brigid" (drawing)  
"Butterfly Garden"

"Hill Tree House"



"Forest Queen"

"The Wishing Tree"


"St. Dominic's Church, Oyster Bay"




"My Little Mushroom"

"Mountain House"

"The Rose Queen"


"Castle" (drawing)


"Tree House" (drawing)



"Red Balloon"

"Happy House"

"Harlequin House"

"Garden Spirit"
"Jagged Temple"





"Queen of Hearts"

"The Green Tower"

"The Royal Bulb"




"Twilight Spirit"

"Ceramic Mask"

"Clay Heads"

"Lead the Way"

"Castle Rock" (drawing)


"Moon Cloud"

"Kissing Spirit"

"Melting Heart"


"Night Spirit"


"Healing Spirit"




"The Still and the Lifeless"

"Night City"

"Morning City"






"Flying Thing"

"Broken Heart"


"Handbook: My Religion"




"Bone Sister"


"Lullaby Tree"

"Lion Man"


"Portrait of a Spirit"



"Hold Me"

"Screaming Sky"
"Old Soul"

"Heart Mountain"






"Face in the Sun"
"Masked Angel"
"Angel of Death"

"Me & Death"




"Lovers of the Past"
"My Head in the Clouds"
Ceramic Sun 

"Two Skies"




"White Birds - Sun Down"
"White Birds - Moon Rising"


"Birds Like Angels"


"Faces & Masks"

 "Enchanted Tree"



"Autumn Wind"

"Beauty & the Beast"


"Me & Daisy"

"The Bride"



"The Falconer"





"And the Autumn Moon... She Rises"




"Be My Friend"


"A Dream"

"The Young King"

"The Three Brides"

"Lady with the Red"




"The Saint"

"Lonesome Queen"

"What Can I Tell You?"


"The Artist"


"Autumn Bride"