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The Art of Robyn Bellospirito

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Robyn Bellospirito ~ Dance, Performance & Video



A Dance of the Spirit

Above: Photograph by Andrea M. Gordon taken during my performance
titled "Night Prayer" at my art exhibition
at Campari in Northport, NY, November 2014.


When I dance, it is really a spiritual experience for me and it is always my hope that in the process, I am stirring something in those who watch and touching some hearts as well.


Above: Photo from my "Dia de Los Muertos" performance at RIPE Art Gallery in Greenlawn, NY.


My butoh dance is inspired by the late Kazuo Ohno, who developed his own style of butoh with gentle, expressive movements that emerged from a place of universal love. Ohno once said, "Your movements must at all times be imbued with a spiritual presence. The essential thing is that you get your feelings across."


Above: Photos from my dance called "Maminko", taken by William Kruhmin.

I have taken workshops with Swiss dancer Susanne Daeppen, who studied directly with Kazuo Ohno, one of the founders of butoh dance.


Above: Photo from "Madame Butterfly" performance, Webster Hall, New York City.


I have performed in venues including: The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY; Webster Hall in New York, NY; The Asian American Cultural Festival in Farmingdale, NY; Ripe Art Gallery in Greenlawn, NY; The Art Walk in Oyster Bay, NY; Love for Japan Fundraiser in Brentwood, NY; Cornucopia in Amityville, NY; and numerous other venues including nursing homes, art galleries and special events.


Above: From a performance at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY, July 2011.
Photograph Copyright Harvey Birnbaum 2011,


Butoh can be done by anyone, even those with physical limitations, and it is my hope to continue to deepen into my own practice, as well as share it with others who wish to explore gentle, authentic movement as a form of healing and self-expression.

Below is a photo from a butoh performance at Cornucopia Noshery in Amityville, NY in October, 2011. You can watch a video of this performance HERE.

Below are photos from my "9-11 Memorial Butoh Stroll" down Main Street in Huntington, NY on September 11th, 2011.

Below are photos from a Tango-Butoh performance between myself and Argentine Tango dancer Con Artist at Webster Hall in New York City, NY on August 21st, 2011. We combined the two dances for a "Madame Butterfly-themed" performance. You can watch a video of this performance HERE.

Below are photos from a collaborative performance between myself and fellow dancer/performer William Kruhmin at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY on July 17th, 2011.

Photograph Copyright Harvey Birnbaum 2011,

Photograph Copyright Harvey Birnbaum 2011,

Below is a photo of me performing at The Art Walk in Oyster Bay, NY.

Below is a photo from "Moon Dance," a collaborative performance between myself and fellow dancer/performer William Kruhmin from March 2011 in Amityville, NY.

Below are photos of an ongoing collaborative project with Argentine Tango dancer Con Artist, in which we are combining Tango and Butoh in our unique way. We call this "TaBu" Tango-Butoh.

I currently do both solo performances and collaborative performances at art openings and other special events, as well as in outdoor public spaces in towns on Long Island and in New York City.

Below are some comments from people who have seen me perform both at special events and doing street performing:

"I felt so blessed to have watched one of the most powerful and deepest movement pieces I have ever seen that afternoon, by Robyn. It was trance forming."
"I loved the authenticity of your performance- you're a wonderful artist!"
"So beautiful and moving...when the music started I got chills and it brought tears to my eyes...so glad I had the privilege to witness the magic!"
"I would like to thank you for your performance last evening. It was wonderfully feeling, you projected your spirit into the entire room. I could actually feel myself pulled out of my body, and shared a piece of my spirit with all there. A moving experience, brought about through your powering of the environment. It is evident to me that you are experiencing the spirit (unnamed) as a vessel."
"All were blessed by the stories that unfolded in the sweet ssllllooooowww time that she brought us into that day."
"You are doing some awesome work, Robyn. You are putting yourself out there in a wave of energy."
"Robyn, your performance was just magical, on that beautiful day in that perfect little courtyard stage. Your dancing is shamanistic and elevating, with such economy of movement. You conjured up another world."
"After a very rough day, watching you dance helped bring me peace."
"Just divine....all your wonderful and peaceful, loving energy flowing....a blessing for all seeing you and feeling your energy and soft moves... The cars passing, street noises......you are needed in this environment... Please keep up what you do!"
"Ran into Robyn doing a performance on New York Ave. this evening... What a pleasant surprise! She graced the streets with her beautiful movements, we need more of this!"
"It makes me think of mother earth trying to calm us all down as we scurry along. I love that you are doing this."
"You are definitely bringing a touch of lightness to the world."
"You are a living sculpture...it's like your paintings came off the canvas and started dancing."
"You are a beautiful princess from another world."

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I started making videos several years ago and found great joy in creating them, particularly video self-portraits. If you would like to see my video self-portraits and videos of my performances, please visit my YouTube Channel (bellspirit). Below are some stills. Enjoy!