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Photograph Copyright Alex M Wolff 2014


Hello there...

I'm Robyn... a visual artist, performer, dancer, mask maker, storyteller, animal lover, drummer, and much more.

The reason I named this site "Art & Spirit" is because those are the two most important things in my life and they intertwine in pretty much everything I do. Art for me has been primarily in the form of oil painting, but has also expanded to painted art objects, papier-mache masks, spirit dolls, photography, video, dance, and performance art. (Read my full Art Bio HERE). Spirit, for me, has been the everpresent need and desire to connect with that unseen 'thing' we each call by a different name, whether it's God, Goddess, Great Spirit or the Giant Jelly Doughnut in the Sky (as one friend preferred to call it). For me it can be all of those and more, depending on where I am at any given moment. I connect with that energy when I paint, when I dance or perform and in my everyday interactions with people and the world around me. I belong to a Unitarian Universalist fellowship and also follow a shamanic path, which says a lot about my view of the world and my place in it.

I hope you enjoy your visit here as you meander through my site. Just go back to the Contents Page and choose a link that appeals to you. If you're interested to know something that you can't find here, feel free to email me at bellspirit @ gmail dot com.

~Peace & Blessings~




The Art of Robyn Bellospirito

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